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Id est, things I hope to read.

1 Sanskrit

  • gbooks:aNA1DwAAQBAJ Language of the Snakes: Prakrit, Sanskrit,
    and the Language Order of Premodern India By Andrew Ollett
  • gbooks:ScYJAQAAQBAJ The Past Before Us By Romila Thapar
  • gbooks:Zz3EDwAAQBAJ Handbook of Ancient Afro-Eurasian Economies:
    Volume 1: Contexts edited by Sitta Reden
  • archive-org:in.ernet.dli.2015.312903 Mattavilasa Prahasana
  • Filliozat, Pierre-Sylvain (1999): “Homologies du monde, de la parole et de l'homme dans les religions de l'Inde (des Veda aux Tantra).” Ressembler au monde: Nouveaux documents sur la théorie du macro-microcosme dans l'antiquité orientale. Réunis par Philippe Gignoux. Turnhout: Brepols. Pp. 11-40.
  • Oguibénin/Ogibenin, Boris Leonidovich. Initiation pratique a l’etude du sanskrit bouddhique. Paris : Picard.

2 Travel Literature




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3 History &c

  • CBD303A65C35159FBAD3D62D1E38283F
    Paul Veyne, Writing History: Essay on Epistemology.

3.1 magnificence

  • 508C71A7212C60B476869ECA2DD48D62 Lorenzo de' Medici and the Art of Magnificence, F. W. Kent.
  • 79E927F04818802AADBB9D7611B5C5DB 'Eastern magnificence & European ingenuity': clocks of late imperial China, Catherine Pagani.
  • 385F44E56F2EC4E814EA5A358E33C098 Tapestry in the Renaissance Art and Magnificence, Thomas P. Campbell.

4 Fiction

5 Religion

  • archive-org:grammarofspokenc0000chao
  • 2121829912568068639D2A310205C7BA
    Legible Religion: Books, Gods, and Rituals in Roman Culture
  • gbooks:EtwtSZwyWpgC
    Ritual, State, and History in South Asia: Essays in Honour of J.C. Heesterman
  • 24003E323EB1B6FA34FDBCBE0AFCC640
    Greek Sacred Law (2nd Edition with a Postscript) by Eran Lupu
  • 2842737903DE6A98D528C2E9CBD41643
    The cuisine of sacrifice among the Greeks. Marcel Detienne, Jean Pierre Vernant.
  • A mitologia dos gregos Vol. I: A história dos deuses e dos homens, por Karl Kerényi.
  • Metis. As Astucias Da Inteligência. por Marcel Detienne (Autor), Jean Pierre Vernant.

6 Music

  • gbooks:0nRbK2nCX_cC&
    Singing Archaeology: Philip Glass’s Akhnaten By John Richardson
  • 9A1CDA1EDD83BCA6A16C33DA0DC57F3A
    Curious and Modern Inventions: Instrumental Music as Discovery in Galileo’s Italy. Rebecca Cypess.
  • 4A0F0D0FAA422B81F47D106172763EE8
    Johann Mattheson’s Pièces de clavecin and Das neu-eröffnete Orchestre : Mattheson’s universal style in theory and practice. Margaret Seares.
  • archive-org:systemharmonyf01clargoog
    A System of Harmony, by Archibald Clarke.
  • tonalityinwester0000nort
    Tonality in western culture : a critical and historical perspective. by Norton, Richard.

7 Calligraphy &c

  • gbooks:HjGyUAJzd7QC
    The British Library Guide to Manuscript Illumination: History and Techniques, By Christopher De Hamel

7.1 model books

  • Model Book of Rein / Reiner Musterbuch / Codex Vindobonensis 507.

7.2 humanistic hand

  • The Origin and Development of Humanistic Script. By B. L. Ullman
  • Elisabetta Barile. Littera antiqua scritture alla greca : notai e cancellieri copisti a Venezia nei primi decenni del Quattrocento.
  • L'umanesimo librario tra Venezia e Napoli. Contributi su Michele Selvatico e Andrea Contrario.
  • Venetian ideology and the reconstruction of knowledge
  • Renaissance Humanism, from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. By John Monfasani.
  • Humanism and Platonism in the Italian Renaissance: Humanism. By James Hankins.
  • The Renaissance Reform of the Book and Britain: The English Quattrocento.

8 Mediaevalia

  • Isolated Islands. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz.

9 Rhetorics

  • Everything by Paul Zumthor.
    • CDEE12D7EAFBB994968FBAFF71F566E0
      Essai de poétique médiévale
    • 006D325E8B57302772AB828B7BB4807E
      A letra e a voz: a literatura medieval
    • 1EDA5101679225F0D0B74EC3586C6705
      Histoire littéraire de la France médiévale (VI-XIVe siècles)
    • Oral Poetry.

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