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Macintosh woes

Table of Contents

I have never had much luck with that cursed kind of computer. This page is for recording all that eventually worked, if anything.

1. share files via NFS

Sharing files via NFS is painfully slow and unstable. Why, by Jove, why?

Here are some sources of misplaced hope:

OS X's NFS client is optimized for OS X Servers and might present some issues with Linux servers. If you are experiencing slow performance, frequent disconnects and problems with international characters edit the default mount options by adding the line nfs.client.mount.options = intr,locallocks,nfc to /etc/nfs.conf on your Mac client. More information about the mount options can be found in the OS X mountnfs man page.

Of course the blasted link doesn’t work anymore, what was I thinking? And even the holy Internet Archive doesn’t have a copy. Ah, the joy.

2. MacOS on Ryzen

3. Classic Menu

4. Virtualized

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