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Table of Contents

1. notation

1.1. Serenissima

A font/typeface by the Early Music Sources.




2. theory, harmony

Open Music Theory is a natively-online open educational resource intended to serve as the primary text and workbook for undergraduate music theory curricula. OMT2 provides not only the material for a complete traditional core undergraduate music theory sequence (fundamentals, diatonic harmony, chromatic harmony, form, 20th-century techniques), but also several other units for instructors who have diversified their curriculum, such as jazz, popular music, counterpoint, and orchestration. This version also introduces a complete workbook of assignments.

  • James Lyon (1872-1949)
    • 1920. The elements of harmony.


2.1. rule of the octave

  • Olga Sánchez-Kisielewska. The Rule of the Octave in First-Year Undergraduate Theory: Teaching in the Twenty-First Century with Eighteenth-Century Strategies

3. pieces

3.1. Todo el mundo em general

  • ytuNcVfj2B4yY Tres glosas sobre: "TODO EL MUNDO EN GENERAL". Savall &c.
  • yt8nbO80NijeM Correa de Arauxo - Canto Llano e Glosas de la Inmaculada Conception


3.2. Laßt uns das Kindelein wiegen

  • Laßt uns das Kindelein wiegen.
  • Murschhauser. Variationes supra Cantilena Laßt uns das Kindelein wiegen

4. sources

4.2. Balbastre, Claude

4.4. Alessandro Poglietti (~1600-1683)

  • Canzon und Capriccio über das Henner und Hannergeschreÿ
  • Suite in D major 'Rossignolo'

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