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Figure 1: Hubert Robert (1733–1808) Draughtsman of the Borghese Vase

1. a presentation

Gentle reader, these are the reconstructed ruins of all my previous weblogs, which have had many manifestations throughout my internet existence. On top of those blocks recovered from old back-ups, I have been piling up new things, mostly for myself to find, but also for the eventual pastime of others.

This weblog started been written, in Portuguese only, by 2002, and from those already ancient times I might salvage yet some posts more. The internet was quite a different place then: people made their own sites, as they wished, about the subjects that really interested them; meaty stuff, full of careful consideration, or effort, at least. Nowadays, though there be many more people around, their deeds are hidden by the preëminence of a few major terrible sites, which suck all the life and attention from people, who therefore think that to be the whole of what exists. Look around: it is not.

2. on the language

Learning other languages made the writing more difficult, since anything I write, in whichever language, will not be read by a good chunk of the people I know; the wise thing would be not to write at all, like Óðinn admonishes us:

He utters too many
futile words
who is never silent;
a garrulous tongue,
if it be not checked,
sings often to its own harm. (Poetic Edda, Hávamál 29)

I am not that wise; or: being wise in that sense is quite boring, so here we are then, writing garrulously.

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